Say hello to Kee's, a name that playfully tips its hat to the building's 1936 roots as the remittance house, Chye Hua Seng Wee Kee - a lively history where diverse cultures collided.

Today, Kee's is a vibrant social space once more. Revamped by the creative minds at WOHA, the interior design boasts a mashup of contemporary chic and swanky vibes straight out of the 1930s Art Deco banking halls. With a lively bar and a chef’s table taking centre stage, we are all set to dish out the good times!

Led by Michelin Star Chef Andrew Walsh as Culinary Director, Kee’s cuisine focuses on modern European fare alongside a thoughtfully curated array of Pan-Asian dishes. Chef Walsh’s distinctive touch is unmistakable, as he prioritizes the use of the freshest, top-tier ingredients and seamlessly integrates modern techniques to craft dishes that epitomize a perfect balance of authenticity and sophistication.

Be ready for a warm welcome and thoughtful service with the all-star crew at Kee’s! Our squad of chefs, mixologists, and servers share a passion for whipping up fantastic food and spreading good vibes.

Brace yourself as they work their magic, turning every meal into a lively celebration packed with beautiful flavors and glorious moments.

Join us by writing in to hr@21carpenter.com.sg.


Kick back, chill, and treat yourself to a sip-and-swirl at Kee’s bar! Dive into a world of mouthwatering cocktails and top-shelf spirits while grooving to the infectious beats spun by the ONE and only DJ Aldrin.

Vibes so good, even your toes would be dancing!